Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years & Friends

Happy New Year.

Now onto getting my resolutions kicked into gear. One of them being putting more time, and pics into my blog. Also getting an online store set up. Now if only I could find that cord for the camera.

I have also been sent the link to a very,very close friend of mines blog. http://mylifeasacraftymumma.blogspot.com/ Check it out. Ange is amazing, and I have to say that my sewing ability has alot to do with this lady. I was always told that people come into your life for a reason. And this special person was the light at the end of the rainbow in a very dark place. Her friendship has made me a stronger person, and I wouldn't have gotten through alot without her. I miss her and those two gorgeous girls incredibly.

At the moment I am working on getting quite a few things sewn up, and photographed to go in my online store. Will post pics and details as soon as I have them.

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