Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not long to go

Where has the time gone?  I can not believe that it is only two days till Christmas. With everything that has gone on throughout this year it has really made me sit back and reflect.

I see just how lucky Hannah & I are. We have a family who love & support us unconditionally. I have faith that 2011 will be better. And we have friends who love,support,& spoil us rotten. So many people are in far worse conditions & circumstances. I remind myself of this on a daily basis.

I have been happily sewing and crochetting like a mad woman. Atleast 75% of presents this year being given by Hannah & I are handmade. I tried to do them all, but just couldn't get my head around it. Heres hoping for next year.

I have also been patiently stalking the post lady waiting for my craft swap to arrive. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I will also hunt through the packing boxes and find the cord to connect my camera so I can upload pictures of christmas crafts & my craft swap.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas that is filled with love,happiness,lots of handmade treasures, & seeing the joys on families faces.

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  1. Your parcel arrived today! It was a surprise as I went to the post office to pick a parcel for my husband and found one addressed to me as well! I love the washer and am about to sit quietly with a cup of tea - such choice! Thank you so much dear Leigha!